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Here at Staxos, we’ve built strong relationships with over 300 telecom and mobile providers, essentially allowing us to become an extension of your company’s technology and telecom departments—at zero cost to you. You’ll receive a higher level of transparency as your team acquires, provisions, integrates, and manages its’ technology needs. All while lowering your costs.

We communicate with carriers and providers regularly to ensure you’re receiving expert, practical solutions for your business. We stay informed of the latest technological advancements to provide you with the top options for your voice, cloud services, internet, and networking tools.

Technology / Telecom Solutions

Let Staxos guide you through the ever-changing technology landscape. We have the ability to source all of your telecom needs and curate them for your business. We will work with you as technology advances, and your business grows, to ensure your company is scaling correctly, as it relates to your technology roadmap.

Our goal is to provide incomparable knowledge, effective services, and precise products to achieve your desired results. Staxos has masterful solutions for your company’s enterprise management needs. Our unrivaled carrier partnerships, international reach, technology sourcing expertise, and unwavering commitment to our clients will help your enterprise become even more profitable and efficient.


By working closely with the leaders in technology and telecom, we can provide self-service provisioning scalability and the pay-per-use benefits of having services hosted over the internet.

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We source the best high-speed networking and communication services available, including Ethernet, MPLS/VPLS/IP, and VPN solutions for your business needs.

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Data Center

Staxos can determine the best equipment for your data storage needs, including the location of facilities, service capabilities, staffing, and connectivity.

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Staxos has unique relationships with the major carrier management teams, allowing us to provide you with the latest telecom solutions for conferencing, VoIP and SIP trunking.

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Mobility Solutions

Staxos has unprecedented relationships with major carriers and telecom companies throughout the United States, Canada and abroad. We provide our expense management partners with direct access to the carriers’ management tools and portals, resulting in real-time support and growth for their client base. We also coordinate directly with industry leaders in software and services designed to centralize, comprehend, and control our client’s corporate mobility needs.

As the wireless industry changes, we work directly with the carrier management support teams to ensure continued success for our partners’ businesses. We utilize the carriers’ direct portal access and management support tools, allowing us to improve our partners’ support models within each desired telecom area.

Analysis, Strategy & Benchmarking

Our unprecedented relationships with major carriers throughout the United States, Canada and abroad ensure you have real-time support.

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Carrier Partner Services & Consulting

We utilize surveys, interviews, and trend research to conduct a comprehensive revenue model, ensuring your revenue success.

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Mobile and Wireless Expense Support

Our highly-proficient support teams include account process managers, billing analysts and carrier support experts.

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