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Your Direct Resource for the Major Telecom and Mobile Carriers

Guidance And Sourcing For Your Technology And Communication Needs

Receive White-glove Support, Consulting and Compliance Assistance

Here at Staxos, we’ve built strong relationships with over 300 telecom and mobile providers, essentially allowing us to become an extension of your team’s technology and telecom departments—at zero cost to you.

We provide services for both public and private sector procurement channels including large Enterprise companies, government agencies, healthcare teams and first-responder units. STAXOS builds a higher level of transparency with organizations like yours as we work to acquire, provision, integrate, and manage your technology needs––all while lowering your costs.

We communicate with carriers and providers regularly to ensure you’re receiving expert, practical solutions for your organization. We stay informed of the latest technological advancements, providing you with the top options for your voice, cloud services, internet, mobile and networking tools.


Let Staxos guide you through the ever-changing technology landscape. Our unique relationships with all the major carriers allow us to source the best prices and availability on key technology pieces. In turn, we help you build custom technology stacks that meet all of your business needs.

We have the ability to source all of your telecom needs and curate them for your business. We will work with you as technology advances, and your business grows, to ensure your company is scaling correctly, as it relates to your technology roadmap.

We deliver:

  • Cost savings on technology and network services
  • Better visibility and control of and network services
  • Increased productivity
  • Assistance in compliance
  • Improved data and network security
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Government, Healthcare & First Responders

With extensive experience navigating public sector procurement channels, STAXOS provides white-glove mobility support exclusively to government, healthcare, and first-responder account servicing teams.

While many new firms are entering this niche space, we have five years of experience servicing agencies, establishing relationships, and gaining a deeper understanding of state-level agreements and addendums. STAXOS also has one of the few Firstnet-certifications available in the country.

We deliver:

  • Instant access to your carrier accounts
  • Standardized procedures for staging and kitting
  • Quick processing of bulk orders; 500 lines in 5 minutes
  • Assistance in compliance
  • Pre-and post-sale support on-site with your team
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Our team at STAXOS has supported the TEM space for over a decade, with many of our staff coming from senior-level positions within TEM organizations.

We understand how difficult it is to build API’s. We understand the challenges of converting from a human-driven, managed service delivery model to an organized, automated data model.

At STAXOS, we not only built the API’s you want, but we also have the middleware that allows us to quickly connect to your platform to deliver your eBonding experience without all the overhead and hassle. We manage the catalog conversion. We handle the API connection. We make you more profitable.

We deliver:

  • A cross-carrier platform
  • Codeless integration with any existing platform
  • Better organization of client catalogs
  • Better SLA performance
  • New revenue streams for activities you currently do
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