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Real-time Strategy and Support for Your Business Requirements

Optimize Your Company’s Revenue Growth With STAXOS

Our team at STAXOS has supported the TEM space for over a decade, with many of our staff coming from senior-level positions within the industry. We’ve built unprecedented relationships with major carriers and telecom companies throughout the United States, Canada and abroad, allowing us to provide our expense management partners with direct access to these carriers’ management tools and portals, resulting in real-time support and growth for their client base.

We coordinate directly with industry leaders in software and services that are designed to centralize, comprehend, and control our client’s corporate mobility, telecom, and technology needs. As these industries change, we work directly with the carrier management support teams to ensure continued success for our partners’ businesses. We utilize the carriers’ direct portal access and management support tools, allowing us to improve existing support models within each desired telecom area.

Connect with STAXOS today to develop and achieve revenue streams within your existing client base through:

Analysis, Strategy & Benchmarking

Utilizing surveys, interviews, and trend research to conduct a comprehensive revenue model, we monitor key indicators to optimize our relationship with the carriers—ensuring your revenue success. Staxos has a clear understanding of the specific niche that wireless management and expense management businesses hold within the industry.

Carrier Partner Services & Consulting

We are the only U.S.-based partner for Canada’s three major carriers, Rogers, Telus and Bell. Plus, in the U.S. we are one of eight to carry wireless services for T-Mobile and we have direct partnerships with AT&T and Verizon. STAXOS is the only direct partner in North America for Vodafone. We provide our expense management partners with direct access to these carriers’ management tools and portals, resulting in real-time support and growth for your client base.

Mobile and Wireless Expense Support

Our highly-proficient support teams include account process managers, billing analysts and carrier support experts, and software engineers. Staxos is adept in navigating the enterprise and global market within our carrier relationships. We are strategic with the development of each unique partnership and your specific needs.

Managed Api Connections

Building API’s is difficult, and it takes a different kind of operational support to ensure they’re running smoothly. We also understand the dramatic impact that removing the “swivel chair” activities have for a business, including reducing operating costs, improving SLA performance, and allowing your business to scale efficiently.

At STAXOS, we not only build the API’s you want, but we also have the middleware that allows us to quickly connect to your platform, delivering a smooth eBonding experience. We manage the catalog conversion. We handle the API connection. We make you more profitable

Build Smarter Operations Support

See Immediate Results

We created PROCŪR, our cross-carrier interface, to be drastically easier to use than a single carrier portal.

While we scope your interface integration, you can point your help desk activities to our portal to immediately cut your ticket handling time by more than half.

Get Codeless Integration

Let us do the heavy lifting to determine the best way to hitch your platform to our API’s. We have options for any platform, no matter what decade it was built in.

Once a solution is determined, we do all the work so your engineers can focus on their own priorities.

We’ll Translate Your Catalog

Your care team is pretty good at interpreting notes, but as you grow, the only way to scale is to add more interpreters.

Our team will teach you how to translate your current process into an organized data model, plus translate customized client catalogs into carrier-recognized API transactions.

Better SLA Performance

Approved transactions are completed instantaneously.

No more order lead times, missed carrier requests, human-driven errors, or SLA credits. Welcome to the world of automation.

Low-cost Delivery

Grow your business without adding transactional headcount and save money by converting from a human-driven managed service model to an organized, automated data model.

Increase Your Margins

Less operational cost means more margin for you, which you can apply to your revenue-generating development priorities.

Help Your Helpdesk

Our automated programs help with central operations, allowing your helpdesk to focus on supporting end users, not the minutia of swivel-chair tasks.

New Revenue Streams

Find out if STAXOS can monetize the activities you already do, including carrier activations, wireline renewals, transformation and sourcing engagements.

Grow Your Business
with Our Exclusive In-House Technology


Cross-carrier portal with all the PROCŪRement and support transaction-API’s included.

  • We provide one destination and one process for all carriers
  • Our platform is more intuitive and easier to use than the carrier-provided portals
  • See immediate cuts to your helpdesk ticket handling time (by more than half)

eBonding-as-a-Service (eBaaS)

Connect your platform to PROCŪR to route all your PROCŪRement and support requests through our API’s.

  • We do all the scoping and implementation allowing your developers to focus on their own priorities
  • Improve your SLA’s, eliminate human errors and reduce your operating costs
  • Provided at little-to-no-cost to you

Strategic Sourcing

Are you sourcing wireline, cloud, collaboration, data storage, or security solutions for your clients? Find out if STAXOS can monetize the activities you are already doing today.

  • We support over 300 carriers and service providers
  • STAXOS has 25 years of experience supporting over 35,000 B2B clients
  • We can expedite your sourcing projects from 8+ months to a matter of weeks––and with better results

We Understand Your Expense Management Business

Our expense breakdown reports present better options for revenue growth

Our in-depth analysis of your carrier needs will provide a better understanding of your expense management business and create the most revenue for your existing client accounts.

Are your current carriers providing the latest wireless options for your clients?

Can you generate more revenue with multiple carrier solutions?

What is the total footprint for each carrier in your clients’ portfolio?

After reviewing your current portfolio, Staxos account managers make recommendations based on the opportunities each carrier provides, allowing you to discover new ways to generate revenue.

Our knowledgeable team also provides direct support for your large telecommunication carrier migration and contract negotiations. We make this carrier-to-carrier transition a seamless process by guiding you through the following:

  • Understanding your clients’ current carrier relationships
  • Auditing your wireless ordering process and workflow
  • Reviewing your clients’ current Service Level Agreements
  • Discovering the percentage for each carrier’s footprint within your client base
  • Integrating new carrier tools and portals into your daily process
  • Providing extensive training for your account team
  • Showcasing where you can start generating new streams of revenue
  • Provide account updates, inventory reports, product promotions and trend reports

Call us today at 1-844-346-1224 or Email us at info@staxos.com